THIS is why we do it!

Soul Fiya is an international Hip Hop Fusion band based out of Portland, Oregon. Their sound is a combination of Boom Bap Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi, Rock, Soul, EDM, Live Looping, Sampling, Breakbeats, and Blues.

Soul Fiya as a collective is entirely focused on creating socially relevant music that can be enjoyed by our international Brothers, Sisters, They's and Them's. All the while delivering truth in the form of knowledge and imparted wisdom from our elders. Hip Hop as a culture was formed as a way to take the deadly negativity from the world, and transform it into beauty through honest and artful expression. Music, Poetry, Dance, Fashion, Graffiti, etc. We are dedicated to preserving the original core essence of "Golden Era" and "Boom Bap" Hip-Hop as a culture by keeping a positive message of unity and love, and reporting honestly about what we as humans on this planet go through on a daily basis. 

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